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What is buffaloe?

buffaloe- consulting groupWe are entertaining the idea of expanding the site into a directory of other vacation homes available for rent in other exciting destinations. If you own such a property, then please visit our “List Your Vacation Rental” page for additional information.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, we invite you to tell us about them by using our contact form.

We hope you have safe travels and many wonderful vacations.

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What Is Hawaiian Jewelry? When people think of Hawaiian jewelry, the gold bangle with black enamel lettering usually comes to mind. This type of jewelry, also known as Hawaiian heirloom jewelry was made popular by the last monarch of Hawaii, Queen Lili’uokalani. Beginning in the late 1700’s and throughout the 1800s, Europeans sailed the Hawaiian Islands.
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Why Different Styles Of Beach Shoes Are The Hottest New Summer Fashion Fad One of the hottest new fashion trends in the footwear industry is the beach shoe segment. You don’t have to even live near the beach to be able to enjoy and take advantage of this either. The beach shoe has changed immensely over the years and there are now huge varieties to choose from. Back in the day you only had flip-flops or maybe Birkenstocks to choose from.
Internet-CompanyEmbroidered Versus Woven Patchwork Embroidery can be described as the art of decorating textiles with needle and thread. Embroidered designs use separate threads to sew the design into the fabric, often in combination with other textured fabrics.
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